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Inauguration at home: Party food

Inauguration balls are all glam and glitter until you come to the food.

Then it's pretty basic, say Washington, D.C., caterers.

Think finger food, cash bars and long, long lines.

Even for the Obamas -- except for the long lines. I can't imagine anyone objecting to the president and first lady taking cuts.

But for hosts and hostesses planning your own scaled-down inauguration parties next Tuesday, why not have fun with the menu?

After all, how often do we have a president who was born and spent a good portion of his pre-college life in Hawaii -- the land of sun, surf and exotic cuisine?

If the Obamas were throwing an inauguration party with an island twist, what would they serve? For ideas, the Herald contacted the faculty at the Maui Culinary Academy at Maui Community College in Kahului, Maui.

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