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Jan. 22 in Merced history: Atwater planners accept master plan for study

January 22, 1984: Atwater's $10,000 proposed master plan was brought back into the spotlight at Tuesday night's City Planning Commission's meeting.

After consideration, the group accepted the plan for study.

The discussion of the plan followed four months of almost complete official silence since it was first handed to the commission by the city's former planning consultant, Vernon Cotter of Merced.

Discussion of the proposed plan in City Council meetings here has been limited to a brief review of the portion of the study concerning streets and highways. City Admini- strator William L. Spafford asserted this portion of the plan was drawn up "without consideration of cost," and labeled it as "impractical."

January 22, 1979


Cities like Merced face many uncertainties as the Civil Aeronautics Board hammers out the new small community air service program, but a Merced official believes the city will get the leeway to sign on the carrier best suited to local needs.

The city now is involved in a search for a substitute air carrier to serve the Merced County area before United Airlines suspends service here June 8 after 32 years of operations.

Merced Transportation Director Alex Talmant, who attended a recent CAB regional meeting in Phoenix, Ariz., a few days ago, said he believes the announced aim of federal officials to collect grassroots opinions on future regulations will help communities like Merced.

Talmant pointed out the Air line Deregulation Act of 1978 established a new, small community air service program which contemplates payment to federal subsidies, where necessary to insure scheduled service.

The transportation director said the meeting "left a lot of questions unanswered" but pointed out that the chief purpose of the gathering was to give CAB officials material to work with in writing rules and regulations later this year.

Talmant said it was stressed implementation of the deregulation act will be difficult.

January 22, 1984


A California Public Utilities Commission hearing called to determine a selling price for the Winton Water Co. has been continued until Feb. 27.

According to Winton Sanitary District attorney Robert Squeri, what was to have been a five-day hearing was ended after one day by PUC Administrative Law Judge Rovert Baer to give attorneys for WWC owner Irvin Heppner additional preparation time.

Before the continuance was requested by Heppner attorney John Farrell, testimony from five witnesses was received.

The hearing was requested by the sanitary district in its attempt to buy the WWC. Negotiations between Heppner and the district over a price for the utility broke down months ago. At that point the sanitary district, representing Winton residents, requested the hearing.

Heppner wants $1.7 million for the utility and the district has offered $975,000 including a $787,000 unpaid state loan used to upgrade to WWC aging water delivery system. Winton residents have sought control of WWC after years of what they claim is poor service.