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Roger Campbell: Here's a job for you

Roger Campbell
Roger Campbell

Today's tight labor market may have you thinking negatively about your future. You may wonder if there's a meaningful job out there for you. Here are a few suggestions to brighten your day and add hope to your future.

Help somebody. Read the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37) and see how you can apply its lessons to your life. You'll be helped by helping others. An old hymn says it well: "Help somebody today; somebody along life's way. Let sorrow be ended, the friendless befriended. Help somebody today."

In his book, "You Can Win Over Depression," widely read author, Dr. Tim LaHaye, says: "The most rewarding and gratifying experiences in life come in serving people. I am personally convinced that God has oriented the human psyche in such a way that unless a man befriends others, he cannot be satisfied with himself. The rewards of such service are not only beneficial for eternity, but also helpful in this life."

So in giving you will gain; in aiding others you will be enriched.

There is some task in your world for which you are better equipped than anyone, so get involved. We have enough experts at faultfinding. It's time for some doers to step forward and make their important contributions to the needs of our time.

Paul, the apostle, saw himself as an athlete. Physically, he didn't fit that image but to him the greatest contest was life. He called on his hearers and readers to make the most of every moment and then he set that example so well that even the mighty Roman Empire couldn't ignore him. Describing his own lifestyle, he offered this simple but powerful formula: "And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men."

So what needs fixing in your church, your community, the nation, even the world?

How long have you been stewing and complaining about it? Have you thought yourself too inadequate to make a difference? Put those self defeating feelings aside and become part of the solution you've been expecting others to envision and carry through.

Tackle the project you've long wanted to do but have lacked the courage to begin. Start that painting. Write that poem or book. Compose that song. Start that business.

Launch that: "someday I'm going to do it" dream.

You may be surprised at how well you do.

William Wilberforce longed to see the slave trade ended in the British Empire but he seemed to be one of the least likely persons in England to fulfill his desire, primarily because of his poor health. A writer of that time spoke of his "twisted body."

Nevertheless, William Wilberforce became convinced that God had called him to this seemingly impossible task so he set about to do it and finally accomplished his lifelong goal. On the day of his funeral, the British Parliament passed a law freeing all the slaves in the empire.

A church organist resigned her long held position but after reading one of my books wrote to tell me that she had rescinded her resignation and asked to be put back to work, realizing she had a God-given job to do.

So do you!

Roger Campbell is an author, broadcaster and columnist who was a pastor for 22 years. He can be reached at