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The government is hiring

While the private sector is laying off good people, qualified people, loyal and experienced workers, the government is hiring. I suggest that the unemployed look at USAJOBS.COM as there are hundreds of jobs listed and available.

Granted, you may have to move if hired, but once hired there is always that possibility of being transferred back home if such job exists near or around your home town. With government jobs, mobility is often the key for work. That doesn't mean you are mobile all the time, just means you have to get up and move where the job is. The CIA is hiring as well. So, look at State and Federal civil service jobs , they are out there and available.

I am retired from Federal Civil Service. My former position is a hard to fill position in high cost living area and no one is willing to step up and move to take that job. It stood vacant for several years. So, it is offered to me again and I will be returning as a re-employed a nnuitant.

Dear friends, jobs are out there but you must be willing and able to be mobile, reach out for those jobs because it isn't going to come to you. IF you need help writing your resume, I can help you with that or help navigating through USAJOBS.COM, which isn't user friendly per se.