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Alaska Air cancels Anchorage flights as Redoubt spews ash

ANCHORAGE — With Mount Redoubt volcano continuing to spew a steady flow of black ash into the atmosphere, Alaska Airlines announced Monday afternoon that it is once again canceling all flights in and out of Anchorage until further notice.

Flights on their way to Anchorage were diverted to Fairbanks as a precaution, the airline said in a written statement. The airline said it would consider resuming flights Tuesday.

No ashfall advisories have been issued, and there have been no explosive eruptions like Friday and Saturday. But the Alaska Volcano Observatory reports that Redoubt has remained active with steady emissions since midmorning.

Ash is reaching about 20,000 feet above sea level and is slowly moving to the northeast, according to National Weather Service radar.

Webcam images show black ash billowing from the mountain.

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