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Tiller suspect's car was reported to FBI on day before murder

KANSAS CITY — The suspect in Sunday's slaying of Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller matches the description of a man who vandalized a Kansas City, Kan., clinic twice in the past month — including the day before Tiller was killed, the clinic’s office manager said Tuesday.

Scott Roeder, who is being held in Wichita in connection with Tiller's death, made his first court appearance in Wichita.

Jeffrey Pederson, office manager of the Central Family Medicine clinic, 720 Central Ave., said a man glued the locks shut on the clinic's doors on May 23 and again on Saturday morning.

Pederson said he filed a police report after both incidents and contacted the FBI, giving them the suspect's license plate number after Saturday's incident.

On Sunday morning, Pederson said, he got a call from Wichita about Tiller's murder. At 1 p.m., he said he got another call from his Wichita contact who gave him the suspect's license plate.

“I was just sick,” he said. “That was the plate I gave the FBI Saturday. I called the FBI back and said, ‘It’s the same car. It’s the same guy.’”

The FBI was tight-lipped about the incident.

“When we are notified when vandalism occurs at a clinic, we look into the matter, but we’re not going to comment on anything regarding that incident,” said spokeswoman Bridget Patton.

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