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The El Capitan climb ... tweet by tweet

Photo courtesy of Ian Parnell
Phil Packer, begins his ascent up El Capitan at Yosemite National Park. The disabled British veteran climbed the 3,500-foot granite monolith to help raise money for the charity Help for Heroes.
Photo courtesy of Ian Parnell Phil Packer, begins his ascent up El Capitan at Yosemite National Park. The disabled British veteran climbed the 3,500-foot granite monolith to help raise money for the charity Help for Heroes. Merced Sun-Star

Just seen El Capitan for the first time, it's breathtaking. Can't wait to start. 2:27 PM Jun 5th

Weather is looking better. We have had the team briefing and are leaving for the base of the wall at 7am tomorrow (US time). Sat 6th.5:18 PM Jun 5th

Shattered from walking a lot these last few days & have a long walk to the mountain tomorrow.Not 100% today, so early night. Will be tough. 10:21 PM Jun 5th

Leaving to walk up the mountain; should take about 5 hours. Anxious & excited. Just want to get going now. Weather has improved so good to go. 7:48 AM Jun 6th

Very tough day, walked 3 hour trek up to the base of El Cap. It was exhausting!! Started to rain, the mountain is amazing, cant wait!! 7:58 PM Jun 6th

Camped at base. It's 2045hrs and im in my sleeping bag looking up at the vastness or what's ahead, feeling apprehensive... 8:56 PM Jun 6th

Arms are working hard. Bloody high. I have some great music keeping me company. Completed 2 of 16. 11:35 PM Jun 7th

Keep thinking every pull up is a message of support to anyone with disability to try a sport & big wall climbing as one of them. 11:36 PM Jun 7th

Just looked down at the union flag under me and the The Prince's Trust insignia on my arm. Hoping this will enthuse the Young People. 11:39 PM Jun 7th

Just finished Pitch 5. Lowered out about 20 metres which was a hard mental challenge, as I don't favour heights that much. 11:40 PM Jun 7th

Sitting on a portaledge waiting for the next Pitch to be ready. Cold & tired. 11:41 PM Jun 7th

Just finished Pitch 6; the hardest so far. Trying to find energy & battle fatigue. 11:43 PM Jun 7th

finished pitch 7 at 3am. slept through shear exhaustion, a bit of pain, 4 hours sleep, having breakfast, team moral good, weather good. 8:35 AM Jun 8th

Ian has taken lead today, Very dehydrated yesterday. Knee protectors ripped to shreds as they drag on the mountain. 11:48 AM Jun 8th

Catheterizing is workable, but hard work with the amount of straps around me, pushing into bladder and stomach. Constant sweating, hot day. 11:50 AM Jun 8th

Surreal to take phone interviews up here, hoping the media coverage will get the message of disability sport out there. 11:51 AM Jun 8th

The El Capitan team wish Andy's partner Karen, the very best of luck at the handbike Paralympic trials. Karen; we are all thinking of you. 4:32 PM Jun 8th

need rest now ... 11:44 PM Jun 7th

Delighted the US media are taking an interest in what we are aiming for. Hoping for more coverage as we continue to climb. 4:36 PM Jun 8th

4pm (US) Just completed Pitch 8, being lowered out from an overhang was quite scary. Taking a break on a portaledge. 4:37 PM Jun 8th

resting on a portaledge. 4:39 PM Jun 8th

Just completed Pitch 9. Tiredness has caught up with us & it's now 1930hrs. One more pitch to go before we sleep; another 4 hours at least. 10:18 PM Jun 8th

Morning! we carried on climbing late into the night. Team are very tired, had good rest though, up early. Climbing to Pitch 14. Weather good. 7:49 AM Jun 9th

We are at roughly 1200ft. Feel more relaxed now and have a good system going hauling myself up. had a nice cup of coffee. Arms are sore. 8:11 AM Jun 9th

Hauling the kit is taking longer than we thought. Drinking as much water as possible and eating the heavy food to reduce our weight load. 8:20 AM Jun 9th

We are aiming to finish tomorrow at around 1400hrs (US), 2200hrs (GMT) 300ft to climb today and 300ft tomorrow. 8:22 AM Jun 9th

As a team we're becoming a lot closer. I am in awe of hearing Ian and Ben's stories about climbing with Sir Ranulph Fiennes. 8:30 AM Jun 9th

Off to haul up to pitch 10 now. Hate the sinking feeling as I am lowered off the ledge & am suspended in midair. Particularly now at 1200ft. 8:32 AM Jun 9th

Just finished the first haul of the day & Perched on PItch 10 (Mark of Zoro). Waiting for Ian & Ben while Paul and I are studying the rock. 9:45 AM Jun 9th

I actually pull 3 metres of rope for every metre I climb, which means that I actually pull myself up El Capitan 3 times. Great bit of kit. 9:48 AM Jun 9th

The portaledge just broke on Pitch 10. Not a good feeling to keep slipping down and be unbalanced. Good news; the sun is out. 12:44 PM Jun 9th

Just on pitch 11, hard on shoulders, but the sun is still out. Its very high now...1350 feet. Andy is leading today. eating Expresso beans. 6:07 PM Jun 9th

Great banter with the team today. We have all been discussing who we would most like to have dinner with if we could. 10:19 PM Jun 9th

I have been learning rope skills, putting my harness and pulley system together before a final check, also climbing discipline. 10:20 PM Jun 9th

Straight through Pitch 12, changed ropes midway (not pleasant) & up to Pitch 13. Hardest of them all, very windy, perched on a cliff face. 10:21 PM Jun 9th

settling in for the night, two more pitches to go. 300 feet from the top. 10:23 PM Jun 9th

Tough but very rewarding climbing day. 10:24 PM Jun 9th

About 5 hours sleep, we are up and preparing for the final 2 pitches. weather is good today. feeling great. 7:25 AM Jun 10th

Just received a personal message from Steve Redgrave, which has made my day and the team are delighted.7:26 AM Jun 10th

I think so much of the team that I dont really want our time together to finish. Andy, Paul, Ian & Ben have been brilliant.7:26 AM Jun 10th

Its amazing up here. The last haul was grueling. Sun is shining, but the wind has picked up. 11:37 AM Jun 10th

Perched on a portaledge with Ian & Ben to wait for Paul & the kit to come up. 11:38 AM Jun 10th

After waiting on a portaledge I was roped out over a rock ledge so I could haul up. Tough one to do at 1500 feet. weather still good. 6:00 PM Jun 10th

Feeling very tired but emotional at the thought of what we have achieved, looking forward to a hot bath. 4:00 AM Jun 11th

think I have cured my phobia of heights.

4:00 AM Jun 11th

Last section was tough, fantastic experience. 4:00 AM Jun 11th

We made it!!!!! 4:00 AM Jun 11th