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Read the statement from American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees local 2703

We share many of the concerns raised by Supervisor Kelsey, and we were pleased to hear these concerns raised. And we disagree with the comment that it should have been handled in Closed Session. When there is this much going on without anyone being consulted, it needs to be brought into the light of day. Mr. Combs attempts to alter provisions that have been bargained is very troublesome. The law requires that the employer act in good faith regarding issues that must be bargained and it’s good to know that at least one on the Board of Supervisors recognizes that fact and wants to see the law followed. It’s unbelievable that there is still no budget information coming out from the CEO’s office, and it’s unacceptable that requests for budget information from the people elected to oversee the operations of this County have been ignored. This County has tremendous problems, and keeping information from the people who are charged with the responsibility of decision making can only lead to greater problems. It’s our understanding that a lot of the issues are modeled on practices from Sutter County. Well, we’re not Sutter County. Just because things were done a certain way in another County does not mean that it’s appropriate to apply those ways to Merced County.