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Other volunteers honored by Merced County


Velma Bisordi

Volunteers over 600 hours annually to the Youth Accountability Board. Has worked with the Board since 1999, providing her expertise in children. Is the 2009 Volunteer of the Year for the YAB.

Kenra Bragonier

Annually volunteers 500+ hours annually. Volunteers for the League of Women Voters of Merced County & Library Study Committee. Kenra was the chair of the LWVMC. Volunteered the last two (2) years on the Library Study Committee developing, writing, & editing a comprehensive study of the Merced County Library System.

Irene & Luis De La Cruz

Volunteers 500 + hours annually. Irene & Luis volunteer for every conceivable activity and are prominent faces at community events in the County. They developed their own paper called “Between Friends, Entre Amigos” Ben Esquivel

Ben is an active volunteer in the Le Grand doing volunteer work for the Le Grand Football team and other fundraising events. Ben also served on the Tri-City Board and head numerous positions oversee youth activities.

Mary Estrella

Annually volunteers 900+ hours. Mary volunteers her time to expectant and new mothers who are homeless or are having difficulties at home. She helps prepare mothers in childbirth and infant care. This helps women get life organizational skills.

Bob & Chris Luna

Annually volunteer 1,000+ hours. Bob & Chris lead and coordinate the Police Explorer Group, volunteering their time to assist the police department with community events and other public functions in the city.

Dennis Morris

Volunteers at the Volta Elementary School for the 4th grade class. Also helps out the elderly and others with anything that they need.

Luis Neto

Luis volunteers many hours to the Merced Police VIPS program doing the many thankless tasks, including assisting with animal control in the county. He always goes above and beyond and is always willing to anything that is asked.

Chiyoko Sager

Annually volunteers 480 + hours. Volunteers in the gift shop at the Dos Palos Memorial Hospital and has been doing this for several years. Always willing to help.

Ernest Solis

Annually volunteers 750+ hours. Through the Winton LifeLine Community Center, Ernie volunteers his time with helping the residents of Winton with any number of problems or issues. Examples include food, clothing, and household items donations, repairing someone’s house, and helping the youth and seniors.

Robert Taniguchi

Annually volunteers 600+ hours. Co-Chair of the Merced Assembly Center Commemorative Committee which helped put together the memorial to the Japanese Americans who were interned here at the Merced County Fairgrounds during WWII. He spent countless hours working with the Livingston-Merced Japanese American Citizens League over a two (2) year period getting the memorial come to fruition.

Ellen Taylor

Annually volunteers 700 + hours. Ellen has been serving the community volunteering 25+ years helping out with activities for the girls scout, Elks, Kiwanis. She has been past president and has also served on various committees.

Noelle Westbrook

Annually volunteers 700+ hours. Noelle volunteers her time to youth activities for the Dos Palos area schools. For 2010, she is on the Sober Grad Fundraising Committee to promote an alcohol-free event to seniors and their guests on graduation night. Also volunteers for the elections, FAA, and 4H. Also volunteers video tapes various sporting events and makes copies for the parents.

Samantha Valladao

Club President of FFA at Le Grand High School and got involved in planning day long events to educate the students about Memorial and Veterans Day and what they really mean. She organized the attendance of recruiters and planned other educational items.

Frank Vierra

Volunteers 1,000+ hours annually. Frank is the Regional Advisor for the Livingston Key Club, where he donates several hours a month to planning and putting on events. He is also a member of the Livingston City Council and can be seen at several fundraising events a month, either supporting or helping out.


Castle Air Museum Restoration Crew

This group volunteers their time to acquiring, transporting old aircraft to the museum, and then spend countless hours restoring and up keeping the aircraft at the museum.

Jan & Friends

Jan & Friends is a group of folks who volunteer to entertain the elderly at the senior homes such as Anberry, Park Merced, Country Villa, Hylond, Franciscan, Hampshire, Courtyard, etc.

Los Banos Police Volunteers

The Los Banos Police Volunteers assists with traffic issues and community events. Examples include directing traffic around accidents, fingerprinting children, flu shot clinics. For 2009, members have donated 3,588.5 hours and since its inception have freed up over $500,000 of taxpayer dollars in free time that they have served the community.

Merced Police Department Reserve Unit

Volunteers of the Reserve Unit put in 24+ hours a month, and provide a much needed service to the community. In 2009 alone, Reserve Volunteers gave over 3,338 hours of their time.

Merced Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS)

The Merced VIPS supplement the police services by providing a number of services This includes MgGruff the Crime Dog, youth training, citizen patrol, to name a few. In 2009 alone, 4,561 hours were volunteered by the program. One particular volunteer donate 1,628 hours alone.

Also being awarded for their service to Merced County:

Mike Smith

United Way. Lifetime Achievement Award.

Gregory “Doc” Wilson

Doc is a long time a Bus Driver in Merced County and has been around for several years. Doc has come to know his regulars and takes care of them when they are need. Within the last year, he was there for two of his riders. First, a women who started having seizures – he was able to take care of her until help arrived. The second was an elderly gentleman who rode the bus everyday to the mall. He noticed one day when he approached the stop where he picked up this gentleman that he was laying on the ground. 911 was called as he got off the bus to assist the man. He started CPR, and waited for help to arrive. Unfortunately the gentleman passed away, but the paramedics said that he was gone before Doc arrived.