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Old Fashioned Christmas Events in Mariposa

"Think back to how Christmas used to be!  A small town decorated in the finest Christmas tradition; carolers strolling the streets, and friendly, smiling faces saying, 'Merry Christmas.'  Store front windows chock full of exciting gifts...knowledgeable shop owners, always ready with a word of advice, or to open a door; hot beverages to help ward off the winter chill, as sometimes snowflakes fall silently to the ground.  Mariposa is waiting for you!"

So says the Sierra Sun Times at to a Mariposa California Country Christmas, and Gerald and Yvonne Sarazin.

For anyone wanting a good dose of holiday cheer, it's up here in the foothills--in abundance!  My daughter and I have made it a tradition to spend at least one afternoon or evening walking along Mariposa's main street to window shop during the holiday season.  It truly is reminiscent of days gone by.  And even if you don't buy a single thing, you'll come away warmed and filled from the free cup of hot cocoa and visiting with the friendly folks of our community.

For a list of events taking place during this month as Mariposa County celebrates the Christmas season, please visit the goldrushcam Web site soon.  Activities include craft shows, the Friends of the Library's Annual Christmas Home Tour (which takes place this weekend, Dec. 5 & 6), the Mariposa Symphony Orchestra's holiday concert, which shouldn't be missed, and more.  Click on the red box at the top, "Welcome to a Mariposa California Country Christmas," and watch the snowflakes fall.  View the terrific photos and scroll down for information. 

And last of all, be sure to set aside at least part of a day to come visit us!  You might just make it a Christmas tradition for your family, too.