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Hornitos Flea Market

Normally traffic is rare to non-existent in a ghost town.

But every year on the first weekend of October, Hornitos is the hub of activity in Mariposa County, as tomorrow--Sunday, October 4--is the annual Flea Market.  Opening time is 7 am, and booths remain open usually until 2 or 3 pm.

While taking a walk last night, I noticed lines marking vendors' places, with numbers tagged or painted, at the community park and along the two main streets in town.

Our Patrons Club does an excellent job of putting together the Flea Market and other events, to raise funds for maintaining public areas here. Recently, construction workers built a new porch and stairs in front of the Stag Hall. 

Breakfast will be available at the Hall tomorrow morning starting at 6:00.

Close to 100 vendors will be showing their wares.  Some old, some new, some cheap, some rare, and some edible...

Unlike the weekly Flea Markets held in the Valley, there will be so much more to see and appreciate than a good deal on paper goods.  One lady from Mariposa comes to sell her handmade soaps--nicely scented and long-lasting... Lots of antiques will be seen... Old tools and farm equipment... Movies and music from days gone by... And if Hornitos is one of your favorite places for unique events, the Patrons Club usually has a table set up with t-shirts and such, advertising our historic town...

All this and a whole lot more...

If you like Flea Markets, this is the place to be!