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Girls' Club -- For Non-Athletes Only

It was a day of doctor's visits, errands, meetings, organizing and phone calls.

At lunchtime I stopped at my husband's office to eat with him and some of his female co-workers.

Somehow we got on the subject of P.E. in high school, and how horrible the three of us now grown-up girls were (and still are) at anything involving a ball. We laughed as we told of our humiliation when a ball would hit us in the face, or fall to the ground by our feet, and we would stand there looking around for someone else to pick it up and throw it. (Like it was a bomb, I guess. Of course we were scared of it--that little round thing was dangerous!)

"There were those rare times," one friend said, "when I actually caught the ball! I'd be shouting, 'I caught it! I caught it!' But nobody else was excited. They were just yelling at me to throw it."

We also remembered the pains of P.E.: getting a finger jammed or having the ball slap our hands so hard they were bent backwards; being hit by a ball right on the arm or the leg, and feeling like a fool for crying (but it HURT); always being chosen last for a team, and bringing up the rear while running laps. One friend ditched P.E. as often as she could. Linda and I just suffered in misery (except when doing folk dances, which were fun and something we could do fairly well).

Later that afternoon I went to the Sheriff's office for fingerprinting, and somehow the receptionist and I got on the same subject!

With four siblings who all did lifeguard duty during the summers, she was the only one in her family who wasn't athletic. We also agreed that we hated P.E. and felt like failures in sports.

We were the "lonely only's" who liked boring activities, like baking, reading, listening to music, and arts and crafts.

"But look at us now," I told her. "We can do other things well, and we're actually performing a valuable service to our communities in our sedentary occupations. And we don't expect millions of dollars to do our jobs, as some people do."

We decided it's time to form a girls' club--for non-athletic grown up girls!