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Funerals can be fun

You remember my fictitious friend Sam Sesquipedalian, who runs the Armenian grocery store, he told me his aunt Voskie recently went “back east” to the Mid-West for the funeral of a friend.

Funerals can be great things, an excuse allowing all with common acquaintance to catch up with each other, often after many years’ interval. This would unlikely happen without the kind cooperation of the deceased.

But how odd, it does the latter no good, and as important is the relationship that impels the trip, one couldn’t ever quite get around to stirring oneself otherwise.

But of course, the purpose is to see and be seen, and visiting one friend or relative wouldn’t likely draw out all the others. Or more likely, irritate them.

Also, funerals don’t require you to bring a present.

(And blogs don’t have to be serious)