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Merced's grade schools will get summer sprucing up

Cruickshank Middle School is only 17 years old but its roof already is leaking in places.

John Muir School, one of the oldest campuses in Merced, will be getting a fresh coat of paint this summer.

The Merced City School District's Board of Education approved a $208,790 contract Tuesday night for reroofing of the middle school's administration office, B-wing, cafeteria and multipurpose room. The work on the Mercy Avenue school will be done in June and July.

Kraig Magnussen, the district's chief operations officer, said rain sits on a flat section of the school's roof for prolonged periods of time, leading to leaks.

Repairs by Fresno Roofing Co., one of six companies bidding on the project, will build up the roof supports to create proper drainage. The company bid $106,790 on the project and another $102,000 in materials will be purchased from a special buying service for public entities.

Magnussen said there may be dry rot damage to wood sheathing and roof support beams discovered when the roof is rebuilt. The repairs cover about 20 percent of the school's total roofing area.

It will cost $23,150 to have Murphy Blackwood Professional Painting Co. of Merced to paint the exterior of Muir School, at 300 W. 26th St., Magnussen said. Muir School was built in 1924.

Schools are typically repainted about every eight to 10 years.

Five companies submitted bids ranging up to $82,450 to repaint the central Merced school. Magnussen said the district, which has 20 campuses, tries to repaint two schools a year.

A slight change of tone is planned in the exterior paint color but not a dramatic change, he said.

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