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Trailer races new granstand attraction at Merced County Fair

How cool would it be to watch a rolling destruction derby with cars hauling boats and trailers around The Merced Speedway racetrack, parts flying all over the track and racing to the finish line while towing what's left of a boat or a travel trailer?

You'll find out at the 2011 Merced County Fair's "Trailer Races" event in the Grandstand, Thursday, June 16. Admission to all Grandstand shows is free with the price of admission except Sunday's Gran Jaripeo. The Trailer Races action starts at 7 p.m.

"It's like a rolling destruction derby, only the cars are hauling trailers and boats. There will be stuff scattered all over the racetrack, " said John Soares, Merced Speedway's promoter. "It's the last man standing who wins the race. Sometimes all you have left is the nose of a boat or the winning car might cross the finish line with just an axle. It's pretty exciting."

The Speedway's top Hobby Stock Division drivers will be racing to qualify to compete in the Trailer Races. The top six drivers will each jump into a beefed up street car that's hitched to a travel trailer or a boat on a trailer and they'll race for the checkered flag, towing their load behind them. The goal is to finish the race with something left to tow across the finish line.

Soares was looking to bring a new attraction to the Grandstand and thought Trailer Races would be a big draw at the fair. "It's huge in the Midwest and it gets a lot of TV coverage," he said.

Wednesday, June 15, will kick off the first of two nights of back-to-back auto racing at The Merced Speedway. Also, on this day seniors 65 and better get $2 off adult admission.

The top 20 DIRT car "Modified" stock car drivers in the point standings as of Sunday, June 12, will be qualified for the feature event on the fair's first day. The "Valley Sportsman" retro Modifieds and "Four Bangers" front wheel drive/four cylinder engines divisions join the Modifieds in the three-feature 90-minute show that starts at 7 p.m. "The Mods are really popular -- we'll have plenty of cars," Soares said.