Special Reports


Prostate cancer hits younger men

  • ORTHOPEDICS: 'Weekend warriors' run the risk of injuries
  • SLEEP DISORDERS: Sleep apnea can lead to serious health issues
  • CARDIO HEALTH: Visceral fat around the belly leads to higher risks of heart attacks and stroke
  • CANCER: Testicular cancer plagues young men in their prime
  • PLASTIC SURGERY: Cosmetic surgery: A fountain of youth for men, too
  • SEX: Treatments abound for Erectile Dysfunction, which can mask cardio issues
  • FERTILITY: Male infertility can be caused by malfunction in veins
  • PREVENTION: Top 10 tests every man needs

    Scientists work to understand, treat and find a cure for Alzheimer’s

    • FITNESS: It’s no lie: Stay fit, live longer
    • HEALTH INSURANCE: Care policy can be critical for those who live longer
    • PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: For seniors, addiction often begins with prescription drugs
    • DIET: Eating well key to aging well
    • BEREAVEMENT: Grieving a spouse – with support
    • SEXUAL HEALTH: Age is no reason to stop worrying about STDs
    • MEMORY: When memory loss becomes a concern
    • COGNITIVE FUNCTION: Sometimes memory lapses aren’t just sign of aging
    • FINANCES: Trusts can offer families benefits, discretion

      Trading latch-key for kickball

      • OBESITY: Overweight 2-year-olds showing signs of major health problems
      • CARDIAC HEALTH: Heart checkup is essential before playing sports
      • PUBERTY: When kids grow up too fast
      • HOSPITALS: Children’s hospitals are recognized nationally
      • BARIATRIC SURGERY: More teens are turning to weight-loss surgery
      • INFANTS: Know the signs of cardiac disease in babies
      • AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE: Doctor’s office on wheels widens access to care
      • RESPIRATORY HEALTH: Children’s asthma on the rise

        Taking the sting out of melanoma

        • CAMPOUTS: CampUots brings joy to child cancer patients
        • BASEL AND SQUAMOUS SKIN CANCER: Common skin cancers can be prevented
        • ETHNIC GROUPS: Hispanics, blacks not impervious to skin cancer
        • SUNGLASSES: Know what to look for before buying
        • BLOCKING THE SUN: A guide to understanding SPFs
        • EYE CARE: Start early to shade your eyes from the sun
        • CHILDREN: Start sun protection measures early
        • SKIN CANCER SURGERY: Mohs surgery boasts high cure rate