Pet Talk: RoMeow and Juliecat -- A tragic love story

Jon Klingborg

Two backyards, with landscaping and fences

Is where our tragic love story commences.

Late winter mating makes for spring kittens

Where was RoMeow, and love so forbidden?

JulieCat rolled and cried, it is such a sight

"She's just in heat," said the owner,

"Not possessed by a sprite."

Every few weeks, JulieCat's cycle repeated

"Where is my RoMeow," she yowled

Sounding forlorn and defeated.

But Cupid's arrow did strike,

When o'er the fence RoMeow climbed

He found his beloved JulieCat

And, they had a good time.

Oh no! This moment carries such terrible risk,

Like the spread of leukemia and FIV

Why weren't the cats fixed?

On the way home from JulieCat's

RoMeow got into a fight

It caused a large infection

He needed surgery that night.

His tomcat friend Tybald was eaten

By a pack of stray hounds

At least RoMeow wasn't run over

And by the roadside found.

Four hundred twenty thousand

Is the number of kittens

That two parents and their offspring

Can produce (in seven years) if they're smitten.

Cat's that aren't fixed

Will surely find woe

Learn from this readers

And to the vet go!

Dr. Jon Klingborg is a veterinarian associated with Valley Animal Hospital in Merced. He may be contacted at