Crops report for Saturday, January 3, 2009

Small grains and rice: Small grain planting is complete. Weed spraying in grains continues.

Other field crops: New alfalfa fields continue to be planted. Dormant spraying in alfalfa fields continues.

Fruits, nuts, grapes and berries: Almond and walnut pruning continues. Weed spraying in orchards and vineyards is winding down. Some preplant fumigation is under way for new almond and walnut orchards. Raspberry nursery stock and strawberry nursery stock harvests continue. Bare root tree nursery stock trimming continues.

Vegetables: Radicchio and cilantro harvests continue. Asparagus field preparation for spring harvest is complete. Endive harvest continues. It remains to be seen if there was damage to any vegetable crops from this week's freeze. Cauliflower harvest continues.

Livestock and poultry: Rangeland conditions remain poor. Rangeland grass germination continues. Supplemental livestock feeding of hay and nutrients continues. Fall calving continues. Alfalfa fields continue to be sheeped off.