Crops report for Saturday, January 10, 2009

Small grains and rice: Weed spraying in grains continues.

Other field crops: Alfalfa field planting is complete. Dormant spraying in alfalfa fields continues. Field preparation for spring planting continues.

Fruits, nuts, grapes and berries: Almond and walnut orchard pruning and removal continues. Weed spraying in orchards and vineyards continues, and dormant orchard spraying is under way. Some pre-plant fumigration is under way for new almond and walnut orchards. Raspberry and strawberry nursery stock digging and trimming continues. Bare root nursery stock digging continues.

Vegetables: Radicchio, endive, cauliflower and cilantro harvests continue.

Livestock and poultry: Rangeland conditions remain poor; however, rangeland grasses continue to germinate and grow. Supplemental livestock feeding of hay and nutrients continues. Fall calving continues. Alfalfa fields continue to be sheeped off. Out-of-state bees continue to be moved into the county in preparation for the upcoming almond pollination season.