Hilmar's J R Cattle Co. becomes member of American Angus Association

The American Angus Association said that J R Cattle Co., Hilmar, is a new member of the association.

Bryce Schumann, CEO of the national breed registry organization in Saint Joseph, Mo., said there are nearly 31,000 active adult and junior members in the largest beef cattle registry association in the world. Its computerized records include detailed information on more than 16 million registered Angus.

The association records ancestral information and keeps production records on individual animals for its members, according to a news release. The permanent records help members select and mate the best animals in their herds to produce high-quality, efficient breeding cattle which are then recorded with the association, the news release said. Most of those registered Angus are used by U.S. farmers and ranchers who raise high-quality beef for U.S. consumption.