Crop report for Saturday, February 28, 2009

Small grains and rice: Weed spraying in grains continues. Fertilizer continues to be applied by air on grains.

Other field crops: Dormant spraying in alfalfa fields is complete. Field preparation for spring planting continues.

Fruits, nuts, grapes and berries: Weed spraying in orchards and vineyards continues. Preplant fumigation continues new almond and walnut orchards. New orchards continue to be planted. Almond bloom is under way, along with bloom spraying of fungicides.

Vegetables: Radicchio harvest continues. Sweet potato hotbeds continue to be planted. Asparagus harvest has begun.

Livestock and poultry: Rangeland conditions continue to improve due to continued rain events this week, and rangeland grasses continue to grow well. Supplemental livestock feeding of hay and nutrients continues. Calving continues. Alfalfa fields continue to be sheeped off.