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Watch as man robs Stop N’ Save on Yosemite in Modesto

Watch the interaction between an alleged robber and a clerk at the Stop N’ Save at 2549 Yosemite Blvd. on March 19, 2019.
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Watch the interaction between an alleged robber and a clerk at the Stop N’ Save at 2549 Yosemite Blvd. on March 19, 2019.

Modesto police are looking for a man who pretended to rob a Yosemite Boulevard store and then, seconds later, really did.

The crime occurred more than a month ago, but the strange details were just revealed Wednesday in a post on the Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers page on Facebook.

About 3:20 a.m. March 19, a man wearing a solid burgundy zip-up jacket with a hood, camouflage sweatpants and a light-blue cloth around his face covering everything below his eyes entered the Stop N’ Save at 2549 Yosemite.

He confronted the clerk, pretending to be robbing the business, but almost immediately pulled down the cloth covering his face. “You was gonna be hella scared, huh?” he’s heard addressing the clerk on surveillance video.

The man behaves as if he and the clerk know each other. He shakes the clerk’s hand and starts to make small talk like, “What you got going on, man?” He asks the clerk’s name and then asks if the clerk remembers his. “You don’t remember my name, huh?” the man asks, then identifies himself as “Shooter.”

On the video, the man appears to leave the store, or at least approach the exit, which is off camera. Police said a second man was at the door, keeping lookout. The clerk looks up at the camera a couple of times.

Within seconds, the man returns to the counter, with the cloth again covering his face. He says something the clerk appears not to catch, and then says, “I need to rob the register, all that s---.”

A moment later, he adds, “I need the register, brah, I’m not playing with you.”

The clerk tells him the register drawer is empty, but the robber keeps insisting. “Open it up, then, let me see there’s nothing in there.”

As the clerk continues to not comply, the robber reaches around the counter, knocks merchandise to the floor, then jumps up on the counter, all the while appearing to try to open the register.

The clerk asks him if he knows the camera is catching all this, but the robber comments that it doesn’t matter.

Jumping back down from the counter, the robber then forces his way through a gate to get behind the counter. He ends up freeing the register drawer and fleeing with it.

The suspect is described as a black male adult, about 5-foot-7, with a thin build.

Police can only speculate on what prompted the robbery to pull the “prank” robbery and unmask himself before committing the real crime. MPD spokeswoman Sharon Bear said it occurred to her that he went in to rob the clerk but initially lost his nerve and tried to play it off as a joke.

Anyone who recognizes him or has information on the robbery is urged to call Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers at 209-521-4636. Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward. Tips also can be submitted via