Video: Fox captured after sneaking into first-grade classroom

Students at St. Luke's Episcopal School had an unexpected visitor on Thursday. A gray fox was found in a first-grade classroom at the West Yosemite Avenue campus.

The fox scampered into the classroom while the students were at recess and helped itself to a bag lunch and a cupcake.

"The fox was pretty scared," said teacher Dayna Hopkins. "He was trying to find a way to get out."

It was eventually captured by Mike Enos of USDA Wildlife Services, but not before leaving droppings in a corner of the classroom.

"He'll probably get relocated," Enos said. "In urban areas right now, there are foxes and all species of wildlife. We've moved into a lot of wildlife territory and there are quite a few populations at peaks. There are just a lot of human confrontations right now with wildlife."