Men posing as police officers handcuff Winton man

WINTON -- Two men posing as police officers stole a man’s identification card after they searched and and handcuffed him late Thursday night, according to the Merced County Sheriff’s Department.

A 25-year-old man was walking from a friend’s home near Center Street and Park Road in Winton, when a truck with a spotlight pulled up behind him and shined the light in his face. Two men got out of the truck and told the victim that they were officers, the sheriff’s department said.

They ordered the man to face their vehicle and they began patting him down. They tied his hands behind his back using a platic zip tie, ordered him to get on his knees and removed his wallet from his shirt pocket.After approximately 10 minutes, the men returned his wallet and untied him. They then got in their truck and sped away.

The man said an expired California identification card was missing from his wallet.The victim was unable to provide the sheriff’s department with a description of the suspects or their vehicle, but said he remembers seeing them carry firearms.