Teen girl struck by car near Merced High, in unknown condition

A 15-year-old girl is in unknown condition after being struck by a vehicle on Olive Avenue in front of Merced High School on Monday evening, according to Merced police.

According to Merced Police Officer Greg Leath, officers received a report of a vehicle hitting a pedestrian at the intersection of Park and Olive avenues at 6:22 p.m.

When Leath arrived there were four bystanders helping the girl, who was lying in the lane closest to the curb.

Leath said the victim was alert and conscious, with visible injuries to the face and head.

According to Leath, he talked with three different witnesses who said the pedestrian ran from Merced High School toward the gas station. Witnesses said the light was green for traffic moving on Olive Avenue.

Leath said a 1991 Chevy truck struck the girl at about 35 miles per hour.

The driver of the truck said he didn't see the victim until she was up on top of the hood and hit the windshield.

Leath said she was thrown 81 feet from the accident site.

She was airlifted to Memorial Medical Center Modesto.

-- Sun-Star staff