Steve Cameron: BCS overkill, 34 games too much

Steve Cameron

Gee, thanks.

Seems like a zillion people wrote or blogged to agree with my indictment of the BCS monopoly.

OK, maybe it was a couple dozen, but who's counting?

Point is, EVERYBODY seems to know that the entire BCS scam is an inside job cooked up by a few big universities, TV networks and a handful of major bowl organizations to pocket many, many millions in loose change.

And fair play be damned.

But hey, I wasn't even finished whining about the insane BCS format and what's happened to college football because of it.

Today I need to scream about the fact that we only have to suffer through 34 bowl games -- go ahead and name them all, I dare you! -- Yet most of the supposedly "important" ones now run into the first week of January.

Remember the good old days, when playing on New Year's Day was a REALLY big deal?

There were a few minor bowls scattered throughout December, but then came the fan's orgy of excitement on Jan. 1 -- when you could watch the nation's very best teams play in famous bowl games from New Orleans to Pasadena.

And the Orange Bowl at night, to cap it off.

Where are we now?

Well, one of my best pals -- a serious college football junkie -- phoned yesterday and he was so upset he had trouble stringing sentences together.

"I don't believe this," he fumed. "The national championship game, whenever that thing is gonna be played, is at the Rose Bowl.

"The ROSE BOWL!!!"

He tried to pause for breath, but couldn't stop himself.

"There's only ONE Rose Bowl game, it's on New Year's Day -- and it matches the Big Ten and the Pac-10.

"I just watched it -- Ohio State and Oregon -- and it was a great game. The Rose Bowl is always a great game.

"And now I find out that Alabama and Texas are going to play sometime this month for their artificial national title...at the Rose Bowl.

"That shouldn't be allowed."

In fact, it wasn't until recently, when all parties involved realized they could make even MORE money.

Originally, the BCS rotated its phony championship game between a few selected bowls -- I remember very well when the historic Cotton Bowl controversially was left out of the club, in favor of the slightly "less historic" Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

OK, that was bad enough, but then somebody said, "Hey, instead of just putting all our BCS conference teams in these super-rich bowls on the same day, why don't we slurp up more TV money by spreading them out over a week?"

To which another clown in a suit said, "Oh, perfect. And since we're going to do that, why not add ANOTHER big payday by going back to one of our regular sites a week after its actual bowl game to play the national championship as a separate entity?"


Even MORE money!

So now we have this insanity of the major bowl games STARTING on Jan. 1 and running until...

I don't know...

The start of spring training?

Among the other farces in all this, fans have NO idea when each game is going to be played.

To be safe, you're supposed to follow blindly along with the TV networks' plan and basically watch every night until, eventually, you'll get to Alabama and Texas.


Meantime, I agree with my buddy.

The sheer gall to put that game in Pasadena -- just a week or so after the REAL Rose Bowl we've been watching all our lives -- is pretty much a sports blasphemy.

The BCS is a dead plan walking.

And the sooner somebody gets the thing into the death chamber, the better it'll be for college football.

In the meantime, get those people off the field at the Rose Bowl.

Steve Cameron is a freelance columnist for the Sun-Star. He can be reached at stevecameron1000@gmail.com.