DUI checkpoint results in one drunken driving arrest

A drunken driving checkpoint held Friday by the Merced Police Department resulted in one arrest for driving under the influence and one arrest for possession of a deadly weapon.

The checkpoint was set up in the 300 block of West Olive Avenue for westbound traffic. Officers talked with 430 drivers and conducted 11 field sobriety tests. Juan Andrada, 38, of Merced, was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and driving on a suspended license. A breath examination showed a blood alcohol level of .40, five times the legal limit of .08. Andrada's license had been suspended for a prior DUI arrest in 2009. He was booked into Merced County Jail.

Harvey McAdams, 51, of Merced, was arrested after police found a billy club in his vehicle. McAdams, who was also driving with a suspended license, was booked into Merced County Jail.

Police also issued five citations for unlicensed drivers, four citations to drivers carrying suspended licenses, and impounded four vehicles.