Golden Valley Health Centers to sponsor free Earth Day event for South Merced residents and students

Golden Valley Health Centers said South Merced residents and school children will help it celebrate Earth Day tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The centers' Green Team, a group of volunteer employees, will host the free event for more than 300 students from Alicia Reyes Elementary School on the clinic's campus.

The event was postponed from April 22.

Agencies and organizations have partnered with the Green Team to teach the students about water conservation, air pollution, recycling, saving energy, and planting trees through fun and interactive activities, the company said in a news release.

The events will be held at the centers at 737 W. Childs Avenue and are also open to health center patients and the community.

The Earth Day celebration is the third of its kind taking place at Golden Valley Health Centers. "We take pride in serving the South Merced area and want to give people, not only a place to feel welcome, but a place to feel connected to the greater community," said Mike Sullivan, CEO of Golden Valley Health Centers.

Golden Valley Health Centers is a private nonprofit federally qualified health center system that’s served California's Central Valley for more than 37 years. Its clientele includes migrant and seasonal farm workers, Southeast Asian refugees and the homeless population of Modesto and Merced.

Golden Valley has 28 clinical sites and eight dental sites, including two freestanding women's health centers, three school-based centers, a homeless healthcare programs and three mobile medical clinics.