Four arrested after man shot through arm in Delhi

A 20-year-old man is recovering after being shot once in the arm in Delhi, Merced County sheriff's deputies reported.

The incident was reported around 1:15 p.m. Thursday at a residence in the 15000 block of Shell Street.

The victim was standing in front of his house when gang members drove by in a red Dodge Neon, according to Deputy Tom MacKenzie, sheriff's spokesman.

Two male suspects and a female were in the car, one of whom the victim recognized.

The suspects yelled at the victim, and a fourth male suspect walked down the street minutes later. The victim told his younger brother to go into the house because the fourth suspect was looking around as he passed.

When the fourth suspect got to the end of the street, he looked around, pulled out a black semiautomatic handgun and fired at least two rounds at the victim. The victim was struck once in the left arm. The suspect got into the red Dodge Neon and the car took off, MacKenzie said.

The shooters didn't get far, however, as their car was spotted by a deputy on his way to the scene. The suspects refused to pull over, and a short pursuit ensued. The Neon stopped at Ballico Avenue and South Avenue in an orchard. Two of the suspects were immediately captured, while a third suspect ran. He was spotted a half-mile away at El Capitan and Ballico avenues by another deputy and arrested.

The victim was taken to Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock and was treated for his injuries.

The suspects are all juveniles.

The female is 16 years old, while one of the males was 16 and the other two are 17.

They were booked into Merced County Juvenile Hall on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

MacKenzie said the gun was recovered by investigators.

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