Berryhill challenges Cardoza to debate, now that Congress is out of session

CERES--Mike Berryhill's campaign said the League of Women voters had scheduled a debate between congressional candidates Berryhill and Dennis Cardoza for Oct. 4t, but the debate was canceled when House Speaker Pelosi called the House back into session.

Now that the speaker has recessed the House and members are free to return to their districts, Berryhill called on Cardoza to attend the debate next week. The debate was originally scheduled for Oct. 4 in Merced, according to a Berryhill news release, but was canceled when Cardoza declined, stating that he would be in Washington because Congress would be in session. Now that the speaker has released members to return home to campaign, the debate should continue as planned, according to the news release. "The voters of the 18th District deserve the right to question candidates about their plans and hold them accountable for their records. I urge my opponent to join me Monday at the League of Women Voters debate for a discussion of the issues challenging our district," said Berryhill in the news release. Berryhill continued, "Having failed to hold any town hall meetings over the last year, it's important that Mr. Cardoza attend these debates and explain to the people why he supported Obamacare, cap-and-trade, the failed stimulus and any number of bills that have killed jobs and hurt working families."