PG&E to make more online info available about natural gas pipelines

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) said it's making additional information about the utility's natural gas pipelines available online.

PG&E ‘My Account’ customers can obtain personalized gas transmission pipeline information through a secure login available online at www.pge.com. Customers can see whether any of PG&E's gas transmission lines are close to their home, and if so, where those lines are located. Maps include gas transmission pipeline segments that have been identified for engineering analysis and future work as part of PG&E’s ongoing preventive maintenance process. A link to this login for PG&E ‘My Account’ customers has also been placed on PG&E's pipeline information page at: www.pge.com/pipelineplanning. Customers without Internet access or who would like live support from a PG&E customer service representative should call (888) 743-7431.

Public information about PG&E’s transmission system and planning segments are available at www.pge.com/pipelineplanning. PG&E representatives continue to work with local officials to provide additional details on its pipelines.