Nonprofit's 'Wheel Solutions' seeks bikes for homeless

The Merced County Action Agency, a nonprofit, said its Wheel Solutions, the bicycle program that provides bicycles and repair assistance and parts for the homeless, has been fully operational since the beginning of August.

The agency said it was calling for bike donations once again. Over the past two months Wayne Morris, the on-site technician, has given out every bike that has been donated so far and used those that were “unfixable” as parts for bike repairs, the nonprofit said in a news release

The bike clinic is held at the D Street Shelter every Tuesday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and is designed to help the homeless with bicycle repairs and needed parts to help them to be able to make it to such things as doctor’s appointments and job interviews. For those whose bicycles cannot be repaired, a replacement bike is offered if available.

Wheel Solutions is a program that was funded through a grant with the agency. The program can use any type of adult bike and in any condition. To arrange pickup, call Rhonda Lowe at (209) 723-4565 ext. 1140.