Denham, colleague set hearings on alleged irregularities in National Guard

SACRAMENTO-–Sen. Jeff Denham, Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, and Assemblyman Paul Cook, Chairman of the Assembly Veterans Affairs Committee, said they will convene a joint hearing to look into recruitment fund irregularities at the California National Guard which have been recently reported by the media.

The alleged irregularities were revealed in a Sacramento Bee story by reporter Charles Piller.

“It’s been reported that funds designated for returning combat veterans may have been misused for other purposes,” said Denham. “We have a duty to find out exactly what occurred within the Guard, try to make it right and prevent it from happening again.”

“Far too often veterans and military personnel have not been able to obtain certain benefits because of a lack of funding or budgetary cuts,” said Cook. “It is essential to make sure that we examine any allegations pertaining to misuse of any funds that might be available for those willing to serve this state and this nation.”

The hearing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 4, in room 4203 of the State Capitol.