BNSF to install new railroad bridge over G Street the next two weekends

The city of Merced said the new railroad bridge over G Street will be installed over the next two weekends, according to the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad.

The new bridge is a key component of the city’s $18 million G Street Underpass Project.

Railroad crews will be working Friday night, Saturday night and for 20 hours Sunday both weekends. There will be lights and noise coming from the site from 6 p.m. to about 6 a.m. for the next two weekends. The noise is not expected to be as loud as the pile-driving operation proceeds, the city said in a news release.

The City Cam on the site showing three separate views will be activated at night so people can follow the progress. Links to the camera can be found on the city’s home page, cityofmerced.org.