MCAG releases list of what can be recycled in the county

The Merced County Association of Governments released a list of what is recyclable in the county:

--Acceptable in a curbside recycling can: Paper, including cardboard and carton boxes; plastic bottles and jugs; glass bottles and jars; metal cans and clean foil. Please do not bag your recyclables. The bags get caught on the fast-moving conveyer belt during the sorting process, causing workers to manually remove and possibly damaging the machinery.

--Diapers, plastics not in the form of a bottle or jug (tubs, toys, hoses, etc.), Styrofoam, and clothing are not acceptable in a curbside recycling can — those items belong in the trash.

--According to the city of Merced, contamination rates cost tens of thousands of dollars. If revenue is made from recyclables, the revenue is used to help keep program costs down, meaning that the existing rates can remain in place longer without having to be increased.

Items such as household batteries, electronics and motor oil can be taken to certified collection centers.

For more information contact MCAG at (209) 723-3153 ext. 315 or County Solid Waste at (209) 385-7388.

If a resident has interest in getting his full CRV deposit back, tell the buyback centers that you would like the per-container rate or your full deposit back. Buyback centers will give you the full 5 cents and/or 10 cents back on each CRV container, for up to 50 containers, the agency said in a new release.

More information can be found at www.mcagov.org or by calling (209) 723-3153, ext. 315.