Fair awards ceremony held

The 2010 beef carcass contest awards ceremony for the 2010 Merced County Fair was held Nov. 29 at the Merced County UC Cooperative Extension classroom.

The contest is an extension of the Merced County Fair market steer show where student market steer projects are rated and assessed on the live "rate of gain" and the post-processing information pertaining to the quality and yield of the carcass.

John Sanchotena of Merced River 4-H won the rate-of-gain portion of the contest. The first place award for the carcass portion went to Amber Long of the Merced FFA, second place was awarded to Shane Nelson of Los Banos FFA, third place was awarded to Stormy Aue of Golden Valley FFA, and fourth place was given to Melissa Wells from Buhach Colony FFA.

The overall portion of the contest recognized the two most important traits desired by the beef industry: animals that can gain weight efficiently and animals that can yield a high-quality carcass. Amber Long of Merced FFA earned first place in this category, Keziah Brigham of Atwater FFA was awarded second place, Kyle Huerta of Snelling earned third place, and John Sanchotna was awarded fourth place.

-- Carol Reiter