Sorry, Wonkette, Frago's a Democrat

Someone should remind Wonkette editors what happens when you assume.

When our story about Atwater City Councilman Gary Frago's e-mails was published on July 17, the national political blog site immediately picked up on it, writing a profane piece that identified Frago as a Republican.

Whoops. Frago is a "lifelong Democrat," according to his Monday apology.

MercedSunStar.com user "Jik_the_Mahe" pointed out Wonkette's mistake beneath the article: " We let one slip through. The tent is officially too big. Gary Frago is a registered Democrat."

However, we're grateful for the 1,532 hits the article received from Wonkette readers, and I should point out that Wonkette wasn't the only blog site to make the mistake.

Just one of the biggest.

New York Magazine's Daily Intel also identified him as a Republican, and linked to an "awesome slideshow," with a kicker reading " You are indeed not alone, Gary!". (As an aside, NYMag's piece is suspiciously similar to Wonkette's, even using the same offensive graphic of the White House behind a field of watermelons.)

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