Change Merced makes promises


An invitation came by way of an e-mail Jan. 7 from an organization I hadn't heard of before.

"Join us to make a positive difference in your life and in your community," Jeff Freitas, chairman of Change Merced promised in his opening remarks.

Freitas invited me to help Change Merced celebrate the Presidential Inauguration at Club Mercedes between 5 and 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 20.

He wrote, "While others may choose to watch the Presidential Inauguration from the comfort of their own home, a new grassroots group - Change Merced - will be gathering together to witness this historic event and celebrate the hope a new administration brings."

Change Merced has about 100 active members, many of whom had never been involved in politics before they found themselves working during President-elect Barak Obama's campaign to make an impact locally by registering voters, canvassing neighborhoods and phone banking. Freitas wrote, "Now Change Merced is working to channel the spirit and energy from the last election into continued efforts to make real, positive changes here in Merced County."

He said, "The inauguration on Jan. 20 presents a unique opportunity for community members to come together in celebration and, in a small way, own their piece of a truly historic event. We hope you will be part of the journey as we begin to take steps that will positively Change Merced."