Good news about area nursing homes

I wrote a story this week about how the nursing homes in our area are rated by Medicare.

I thought that I would be doing a piece showing that the homes in Merced and Atwater need some work, maybe be rated lower than other places in the state.

Boy, was I wrong.

The nursing homes, all of them, got rated either good or excellent. They could get a rating of five stars, down to no stars. All of them were rated three stars or above. And each of them received ratings that were in the four to five star area.

That’s good news for folks in the county. It’s hard to put a person into a nursing home, and everyone has read about horror stories that can happen.

But in Merced and Atwater, that just isn’t true. I think that the people in the county can rest assured that the nursing homes are doing the best that they can to make sure that our sick and elderly are cared for.

Bravo for them. It’s certainly good news to hear about the nursing homes. Hopefully they’ll keep up the good work.