Mariposa's 'Double Rainbow' star appearing in movie with Antoine Dodson, Leeroy Jenkins and other viral Internet stars

Mariposa's Paul "YosemiteBear" Vasquez, of "Double Rainbow" fame, is joining other viral Internet stars, including Antoine Dodson ("Hide Your kids, Hide Your wife,") and World of Warcraft berzerker Leeroy Jenkins in a full-length feature film.

The movie is called "The Chronicles of Rick Roll," and the scenes for the trailer, released Wednesday on YouTube, were filmed about six weeks ago in Colorado Springs. Vasquez said that if funding can be found, most of the movie will be filmed on his property east of Mariposa.

Other YouTube stars appearing in the movie include Brian Collins, the nervous television news anchor responsible for the phrase "Boom goes the dynamite," and Gary Brolsma, who in 2004 released the lip-synced "Numa Numa" video to YouTube.

Here's the trailer:

And here's the behind-the-scenes video shot with Vasquez, Dodson and Collins: