Chowchilla adopts 2040 plan, plus major private development plan

The city of Chowchilla said it adopted the 2040 General Plan and the Rancho Calera Specific Plan in a 4-0 vote by the city council.

The decision was taken at a special city council meeting Monday.

The 2040 General Plan and Rancho Calera Specific Plan serve as a blueprint for growth and development in Chowchilla, the city said in a news release. The 2040 General Plan Update replaces the existing General Plan which was last comprehensively updated in 1986.

The project also includes the Rancho Calera Specific Plan which is proposed within the city’s existing planning area. Rancho Calera proposes to annex about 145 acres and build around 576 acres of urban scale development with a potential of 2,042 residential units next to the existing city. The company is also planning 38 acres of retail commercial development alongside Highway 99, the city said.

Glenn Pace, the company’s manager, said in the news release: “We are very pleased with council’s decision and see this as a positive step for Chowchilla’s future. When the market rebounds, we look forward to getting our property ready for development.”

The 30-year plan projects substantial growth Chowchilla, allowing a tripling of the city’s population. The plan also foresees growth from the center out to both sides of Highway 99 “in a balanced fashion,” the news release said.

The 2040 General Plan reinforces the city’s goal to diversify its economy and to provide quality residential neighborhoods and high-caliber industrial and commercial areas in order to attract potential employers to the community, according to the news release. The plan emphasizes infrastructure, safety, recreation, travel routes and well-planned development, the news release said.

Another focus of this plan is to preserve and maintain important agricultural land and remaining habitats providing smart balance for prosperity and survival, according to the news release.

Mayor David Alexander said in the release: “Our vision in looking toward the future is to maintain and uphold what generations before us have created which is a clean, safe and attractive community. Our emphasis is on creating industry and jobs without losing the wonderful flavor of our small city.”

The 2040 General Plan and the Rancho Calera Specific Plan can be viewed on the city’s website atwww.ci.chowchilla.ca.us. Click on 2040 General Plan under the Public Information link on the home page. For further information, call the city’s Public Information office at (559) 665-8615, extension 110.