City of Merced Fire Department lists tips about smoke detectors

The city of Merced Fire Department issued some tips about smoke detectors.

Approved and properly installed and maintained smoke detectors are critical life-saving devices, the department said in a news release. While a smoke detector won't prevent or extinguish a fire, it can save your life. Smoke detectors are designed to warn of fire danger in time to allow for escape or call for help. The alarm of the smoke detector may provide you and your family with the precious extra minutes that you need to escape, especially at night (when most fires occur).

When installing smoke detectors, the fire chief recommends the following steps: --Install at least one smoke detector in the hall leading to the bedrooms; --Consider installing additional smoke detectors, especially if your home has more than one level; --Make sure smoke detectors are of a type approved by Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada or other recognized testing laboratory; --If your detectors are battery-operated, check the batteries often to make sure the units are operational.

For additional fire safety tips, go online to the Fire Safety/Public Education page within the Fire Department at the city of Merced website.