Merced County schools celebrates student writing

More than 1,000 awards were given out this week to Merced County students for achievements in writing.

Student writing from 44 schools in 17 school districts throughout Merced County will be on display through May 15 at the Merced Mall as the 2011 Merced County Writing Festival wraps up.

The writing festival, established in 1984, has 20 different categories in both prose and poetry that student’s can enter.

A panel of teachers from each participating school judges entries. Judging takes place over a one-week timeframe, which this year saw nearly 4,000 entries.

At the beginning of each school year, teachers are given a handbook that lists approximately 20 different categories in both prose and poetry.

Students learn the different types of writing and can participate in the Merced County Writing Festival using these guidelines.

A gold medal is given for the best entry in prose and the best entry in poetry at each grade level.

From 64 entries in 1984 to more the nearly 4,000 entries this year, the Merced County Writing Festival touches the lives of more and more young people every year.

For more information on the Merced County Writing Festival, call Valerie Le Duc at (209) 381-5910.