Denham praises fallen heroes on Memorial Day

Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Atwater) issued the following statement:

"Every year, our country comes together on Memorial Day to remember our service members who lost their lives defending our country. This weekend, I ask you to join me in honoring and remembering these extraordinary individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. They remind us that freedom is not free and we owe our country’s safety and its liberties to their courage. This Memorial Day we not only honor the sacrifices that have been made, but we are also reminded of the importance of our commitment to our fallen service members. As Presidents Washington and Lincoln stated, taking care of our service members who fought to defend our country should rank among the highest of national priorities. Our service men and women fight relentlessly every day to defend our country and while we continue to pray for their safe return, we have an obligation to always honor, remember, and respect their service. This Memorial Day weekend I encourage all Americans across the nation to find a way to remember all of our fallen service members and join me in honoring the extraordinary sacrifice they have made for our great country.