Denham: U.S. must have defined objective and strategy for military ops

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Rep. Jeff Denham spoke on the House Floor this morning about the importance of having a defined objective and strategy for our military operations. Referencing his service in Desert Storm, Denham said we owe it to our troops to define the mission and their role overseas. Before we put our service men and women in harm’s way, before we appropriate any more funds to military operations, we must have answers to the serious questions about our strategy and mission. Watch Rep. Denham’s Floor Speech below:

“This situation could not be any more serious... In Desert Storm we knew why we were there, we knew what our role was, we knew what our goals were, we knew what our exit strategy was. These are the very reasons that we’re looking for before we appropriate funds, before we put our troops at risk, before any boots go to the ground, before this conflict escalates any further”