Kings View Work Experience Center to hold ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday in Atwater

Kings View Work Experience Center, Atwater, said it will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday as it completes Phase 2 of its renovation project.

The project has been a collaboration among staff, volunteers, clients who are enrolled in the various programs offered at the Atwater facility and Mennonite Disaster Services.

Besides the labor being donated, a substantial amount of the materials needed to complete the project were also given in kind.

"The help from the Mennonite Disaster Services team and citizens from the community has enabled us to renovate the facility to better serve our clients and be energy efficient," says renovation coordinator Dan Brunger. “The project is a source of great pride for our team members and the community that we serve.”

CEO Leon Hoover from Kings View and Stephen Reclusado, its chief financial officer, will be in Atwater to attend the ceremony.

The event will be held Friday from 4:15-5 p.m. at 100 Air Park Road, Atwater 95301. Parking is available on site.

Kings View is a Fresno-based health care provider that provides an array of behavioral health care services and technology solutions.