Deputies investigating three men in home invasion in Delhi possibly involving medical marijuana

The Merced County Sheriff's Department said three suspects busted into a house in Delhi that they thought had marijuana inside.

Just before 3 a.m. Tuesday, the sheriff's office got a call about a home invasion in the 16000 block of Corner Street in Delhi. The victims, 48, 31 and a 2-year old--all females-- were asleep in the house when the incident occurred.

Three suspects armed with handguns kicked in the front door and began demanding marijuana. When the suspects corralled the residents into one room, they pointed their guns at them, demanding to know where the marijuana was. The victims told the suspects that they didn’t have any marijuana and the suspects eventually left.

One of the victims believes that an ex-boyfriend used to be associated with someone who had medicinal marijuana and was growing it for themselves and believes that may have been what the suspects were referring to. She told investigators she has no contact with him or his friends and the marijuana was not grown at that location. Investigators believe that the suspects possibly got the wrong house.

The suspects were described as wearing black hoodies with bandanas covering their faces, medium height and possibly Hispanic. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Merced Sheriff’s Office at (209) 385-7472.

--Sun-Star Staff