'Off the 99' podcast: Merced's own Carmageddon

It's not quite Carmageddon, but construction on Merced roadways has caused local drivers a few of their own headaches. This week, Off the 99's Ameera Butt and Mike North met with some Merced city officials to discuss what a lot of Mercedians have been complaining about -- construction. City officials went into detail about the $18 million G Street Underpass Project, which is ahead of schedule and expected to be finished by December.

Another large-scale project in the city is the Parsons Avenue roadwork. Parsons is known as one of the roughest streets in the city. Rainy weather disrupted both projects during the winter months, but construction workers managed to keep the work on-course. While lots of roadwork is being done now, similar maintenance could be noticeably absent in coming years.

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