Free tours of Mariposa County's compost facility Aug. 16 and Sept. 20

Mariposa County’s Recycling Coordinator said there will be a free tour of its compost facility Tuesday, Aug. 16, and Tuesday, Sept. 20.

Groups and individuals are welcome; however, space is limited to 15 and reservations are required. To make a reservation call (209) 966-5165 by 4 p.m. on the Monday before the tour date. Each person attending will receive a reusable shopping bag made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Participants will learn how their biodegradable garbage is transformed into a composted end product that is used as daily cover on the landfill. They will also learn ways to reduce their waste, such as choosing products packaged in recycled and recyclable materials, thereby lowering their disposal costs and helping the compost facility to operate efficiently.

The facility is one part of the Mariposa County solid waste management system that also includes a recycling center, landfill and transfer stations. The facility is the first of its kind in California with an in-vessel composting system entirely enclosed within a building, including an air and odor control system and a water re-circulation system.

For more information about the facility and materials that are accepted for recycling in the county, go to www.mariposacounty.org/solid waste.