SJV air district asks residents to practice 'Air-Friendly Fridays'

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District is asking the community and its businesses to help clean the air by practicing Air-Friendly Fridays.

Air-Friendly Fridays is the newest outreach program by the district encouraging businesses and employees to engage in healthy air living activities by making “One Change. On One Day. Every Week.”

Air-Friendly Fridays provides the opportunity for employees to share a meal, share a ride and possibly share a story every Friday. Alternatives to workplace-centered activities that create emissions include carpooling, bringing a lunch, bicycling or walking to lunch and linking trips. Anything that encourages driving less with the benefit of improving the air is validation as an active participant of the district’s Air-Friendly Fridays, according to a news release.

To encourage participation, more than 8,000 businesses are receiving information from the Air District on how they can get participate in Air-Friendly Fridays and how to become a Healthy Air Living partner.

For more information about Air-Friendly Fridays and how to become a Healthy Air Living Business Partner, please visit www.healthyairliving.com.